Frequently Asked Questions

Since becoming a state owned institution in 1917, we have had the same sources of income. Our funds come from students, the legislature and philanthropy. Our being a part of the Texas A&M University System brings no additional funding to Commerce to support our students.

Yes, absolutely! Your decision to give to A&M-Commerce is voluntary and we want to ensure that your donor experience is the best it can be. Please click here for further information on how to become a donor.

We offer a variety of options to make giving convenient for you and consistent with your philanthropic goals. Gifts may be made annually, each month, or over a designated time period. Click here to make a pledge online.

Every gift makes a difference and your gift can accomplish much more than you think. A&M-Commerce has over 90,000 living alumni. If all alumni gave $50 per year, that $4.5 million would create life-changing opportunities for students! Alumni giving participation rates are important in inspiring others to give and national college rankings. Your gift, no matter the size, is helping to increase the value of your degree and the success of future graduates.

Since it was established in 1889, A&M-Commerce has prided itself on being accessible and affordable to those seeking a first-rate education. For Texas residents, tuition and fees for one semester are $8,010 for a 15-hour course load. Tuition and fees plus room, board, and books is approximately $18,045 per semester.
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Yes, we work hard to respect our donors’ wishes and ensure a positive and gratifying giving experience. All you need to do is notify us of your request to remain anonymous when you make a donation. We will not make your contribution public.

All endowed funds are deposited through their related 501(c)(3) (the Texas A&M University-Commerce Foundation or the Texas A&M University Alumni Association). All funds are managed by The Texas A&M University System. No gift fee is assessed when the gift is made; 100% of your gift is applied to the specified endowment. A 10% management fee is applied to the earnings when distributed, with the remaining 90% deposited into the spending account for disbursement. The Foundation and Alumni Association have a shared services affiliation with the University therefore they have no employees, equipment, or space of their own. University employees provide the necessary services and resources for the operation of the Foundation and Alumni Association. The management fee is used to offset those expenses. 

The Foundation has a separate Board of Directors who work in partnership with A&M-Commerce to meet strategic goals and serve the university’s mission by raising private funds. To learn more about the Foundation Board, please click here.

There are several giving societies and methods of showing appreciation to our donors. Stewarding your gift and communicating the impact of your support is a priority for A&M-Commerce. Each gift and each donor is unique. We will provide you with a one-of-a-kind donor experience that reflects the intent of your generosity. Please click here for more information.

If you would like to speak with someone regarding a donation to a specific college, endowment, fund or program or if you would like to make a donation over the phone please contact Amber Countis in Advancement Services at or 903-468-8187.
If you would like to speak with someone regarding Bridge Builders or Annual Giving please contact Justin Ferrell at 903-468-8181.

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